All Apps offered on this Website are Copyrighted and were developed by:

Rocky Dell Systems, 1433 Rescue Road, Union Grove, AL 35175

E-Mail comments to: RockyDell@otelco.net

All Apps offered on this Website were developed by a retired Computer Software Professional.

 After retiring in 1993, he began writing software for personal computers as a hobby, beginning with Radio Shack's TRS-80, then MS-DOS based Computers, then Windows 95, and later versions of Windows.

Most Apps were developed for personal/family use because satisfactory, reasonably priced Apps which satisfied our needs could not be found in the commercial marketplace.

The Apps offered here were never intended to be commercial products, but only to satisfy a personal/family need for practical Windows based software.

At age 84, the developer does not wish to begin a commercial enterprise, but would like to make the Apps available to everyone with the understanding that they are offered as-is with no support.

 An E-Mail Address (RockyDell@otelco.net) is provided for users to submit comments, but users should not expect a reply.

Hopefully, many will find one or more of these Apps useful.

Happy Computing!

The old programmer