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Everyone needs Calendars

NOW - the EASY way to make beautiful Custom Calendars

Avoid the cost of custom Calendars.  Select your own pictures, add Captions,  Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Events only once - Calendar Maker will insert all events in the calendar on the proper day no matter what year is printed.

Control page layout, fonts & colors, then print as many copies as you wish for yourself and friends.  Calendar Maker remembers all your settings when your calendar creation is saved.

Custom Calendar Maker makes a variety of Calendar Formats.  All formats are designed to be printed on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper.  Use standard weight, heavy weight, glossy, semi-glossy, or photo quality paper (any paper your printer can handle).

Month per Page formats are designed to be bound using plastic binding combs or similar binding methods..

All formats can be Previewed  (WYSIWYG) on a Preview Screen.

Images can be selected, previewed, and printed with Calendars.

Images Captions can be created, edited and printed with Calendars.

Following events can be created, edited and optionally printed on Calendars:

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Other Events, Holidays.

Holidays  - Select from a predefined list of 40 Holidays and Special Event Days.  Then for any year selected, Holidays will automatically be generated & printed.

Fonts and font properties are independently selectable for all text types printed on Calendars.

Frames with user selectable Colors and widths can be printed on Calendars..

Page area allocated for Image and Months is adjustable.

Any year from 1583 - 3000 can be printed (Gregorian Calendar).

Main Screen Colors (Background and Text Colors) are customizable.

Custom Calendar Files can easily be created, containing all information needed

to reproduce exact copies of Calendars.

Includes Sample Calendar File ready to print in a Year-per- Page format.

This Sample is complete with Images for each month, and a Calendar Cover Page.

This Sample Calendar File can be modified to fit your own needs,

and saved to a different Calendar File for future use.