All Apps offered on this Website are Copyrighted and were developed by:

Rocky Dell Systems, 1433 Rescue Road, Union Grove, AL 35175

E-Mail comments to: RockyDell@otelco.net

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Downloading Rocky Dell Apps

Download Rocky Dell Apps from this website only!

No other website is authorized to offer downloads of Rocky Dell Apps, and any website doing so should be suspect.  For safety, always download to a file, check for a virus, then install the software.

Installing Rocky Dell Apps

Your Anti-Virus software must allow Rocky Dell Apps to be installed.

 Rocky Dell Apps contains NO viruses, but some Anti-Virus software will block installation of Rocky Dell Apps simply because they cannot determine if the App contains a virus.


All Apps have ability to check for, and optionally install updates.  See Help About Menu Item or Toolbar Button.

Compatibility Issues

All Rocky Dell Apps are 32 Bit Applications.

On some 64 Bit computers, you may encounter a compatibility issue.

If a Rocky Dell App fails to run properly after installation, try changing Windows compatibility settings as follows:

On the Desktop, Right Click the App shortcut.

Click Troubleshoot Compatibility.

When Program Compatibility Window appears, Click Try recommended settings.

Follow instructions to Apply settings and start the program.

This should not be necessary on subsequent starts of the App.